Welcome to the website of Nick Cocco Clinical Psychologist and accredited EMDR Trainer

Nick has been variously employed in a psychological capacity both within the public (25 Years), non-government and private sectors since 1983 and was regraded to Senior Clinical Psychologist within the public sector in 1994. Within the public sector, he has had extensive experience both in adult, child and family mental health services. He is currently in full time private practice.

Nick utilises various psychological therapies which are extensions of and/or consistent with basic CBT such as Schema Therapy, IRRT (Imagery Rescripting and Reprocessing Therapy) and Ego State Therapy which are necessary in the successful treatment of clients who are referred with more complex issues. As an EMDR Institute Trainer accredited by the EMDR Association of Australia, Nick also has expert knowledge in a treatment modality recommended as a first line intervention for PTSD.

Nick has specialties in the treatment of trauma related conditions ranging from single incident PTSD through to the more complex presentations of personality, dissociative and other disorders which are the sequelae of histories of repetitive child based trauma and neglect. Additionally, he has taught and trained professionals via workshops and supervision in these areas and presented his own research into the treatment efficacy of EMDR with childhood darkness phobia at an international EMDR conference (1995) and was the main author of the second ever child case study published in a peer reviewed journal, of successful EMDR treatment of PTSD (1993).

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